Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs)

Gain exposure to the potential advantages of professional asset management through our Separately Managed Accounts. Our expert portfolio managers and comprehensive lineup of investment strategies allow customization and tax management to align with your financial goals, needs, and personal values.

  • Long Only Equity SMAs
  • Tax-Advantaged Equity SMAs
  • Premium Income SMAs
  • Target Income SMAs

Customized Options Solutions

Our innovative options overlay solutions allow for easy implementation to both retail and institutional portfolios. We offer customizable strategies to enhance yield, manage risk, and tax-efficiently transition securities, including concentrated stock with a low basis.

Hedging Strategies

  • Covered Call Direct Indexing
  • Protective Puts
  • Collars
  • Option Spreads
  • Exchange-Fund Replication

Income Enhancement

  • Covered Call Income
  • Covered Call Transition
  • Cash-Secured Put Write